Mission Statement.

Doremi Child Care Centre

Our primary goal is for children to feel safe, secure, belonging and loved. Prior to being independent a child must know that he or she can depend on adults and a predictable environment. That is the reason why we treat our children with respect and kindness to make them feel welcome and at home. We aim to teaching our children to respect themselves and the people around them to build a better society.
We are aware that children develop at different rates and have different interests. Thus our Children are given different opportunities and are encouraged to explore different materials and to participate in a variety of experiences.

Basically our child care centre is your child’s second home.

Our main scope is to be alert and attentive at all times to ensure the safety of all of our children during all routines and activities. We will constantly make certain that the outside play area as well as the indoor space is safe and secure and that we provide a healthy environment. In fact we designed our child care centre in a way that it stimulates the children’s learning skills.

We carefully designed our living and learning environment to meet the overall needs of pre-schoolers and to facilitate their development through age- appropriate experiences. Due to the individuality of each child expectations vary. Each child is challenged but not hurried.

Each child is special for us and we set goals for each child to meet by the time she /he enters kindergarten. We work on emotional Goals, Behavioural Goals, Self Help Goals, Social Goals, Language Goals, Physical Goals (large and small Muscles), cognitive Goals and Personal Informational gaols.


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